Your business depends on who?Here is a quick weathy mindset exercise for you. I was on a webinar with The My Dream Year Challenge group the other day and they asked the following question.

If the future of your business depended on one person on your team…would you choose you?

This is a brilliant question and a BIG light bulb moment. Watch my video below to hear my explanation.

Wow! A little mind-blowing don’t you think?

If you would pick someone else on your team as the person that your business depends on, you have some big issues that need to be fixed ASAP. You need to step up and be the one working your tail off with daily profit-producing activities because your business does depend on YOU!

Now let’s all get out there and get it done…our future is what we make it.

To your success!

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The Future Of Your Business Depends On Who?

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