Welcome to Winter



It’s the first day of winter…and you know what that means…the days start to get longer. Woo hoo!

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Unlimited Photo Storage To Backup Your Smartphone Photos and Videos


amazon prime unlimited photo storageQuick tip on how to automatically backup and store the photos and videos you take on your smartphone with unlimited photo storage.

Amazon Prime is an awesome deal with Free 2-day shipping, instant video viewing and many other great features, but now it is even better. Recently they introduced Prime Photos that offers unlimited storage for photos in Amazon Cloud Drive.

I love this feature. I take tons of photos with my smart phone and it was a pain to get the photos on my computer or upload them so I could use them. The backup feature that comes with my phone is clunky and not that easy to use. It also has limited storage. I heard about Prime Photos and started using it. I downloaded the app to my phone and have it set to automatically upload any new photos that I take whenever I am on wifi. I don’t have to think about it, it just happens. Then I am able to delete the photos from my phone to clear up space and I can access my photos from my computer, smartphone or other devices. Sweet!

You can also upload and backup photos you already have on your computer that you took with a camera or other device. You can use the web interface or download the Cloud Drive desktop app to upload photos, videos, documents and other files to keep them safe in the cloud. Even better!

I highly recommend getting Amazon Prime just for the unlimited photo storage feature. It is well worth it. The 2-day shipping, movie streaming and other features are just icing on the cake.

Check out Amazon Prime and get a free trial HERE

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Reindeer Today



Reindeer  (caribou) at Murdocks today. Very cute.

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Happy Thanksgiversary



A magic year when our anniversary falls on Thanksgiving. 25 amazing years…love you! Everyone have a wonderful holiday.

#HappyThanksgiversary #HappyThanksgiving #HappyAnniversary #Montana

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Make Today GREAT!



Make today GREAT!

You never know how many today’s you’re going to have so don’t waste any of them.

#MakeTodayGreat #LiveLife #LiveYourDream #Montana

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