We’ve all been there, brand new and no results yet. Wondering what to do and how to do it.

How do you brand yourself when you’re brand new?

It’s much simpler than you think. Stop overthinking and provide value! Once you learn how to brand yourself you will no longer need to chase people, instead let them come to you.

First you want to decide who is your target market–who you are trying to attract and what is their problems and pain.

For example, think of the common problems most network marketers have. They don’t know how to find people. They don’t know what to say to people. They don’t know how to stay motivated so they keep going. They don’t know what to say to teammates. They really don’t even know how to market at all because no MLM company teaches that.

There are a lot of things that are problems to most network marketers. We know how to solve them and we can provide that with courses, products, seminars, coaching and masterminds, etc.

When you are new and you are wanting to brand yourself, focus on value. Your primary focus should be how do you help other people. You really don’t have to have an extraordinary resume to help other people. Just think, what if I got on here and instead of answering your questions and giving you my feedback I went on and on about myself and the millions of dollars I have made. Who cares? Nobody really cares about that. It might attract someone for a few seconds, but after that I better be solving problems. It is all about helping them, not about telling how awesome I am.

It may even be an advantage to be brand new because you’re forced to focus on value. You’re forced to focus on solving problems and focusing on them. It’s not about you. You can only rely on your resume for so long. Focus on problem solving. How can you help them? How can you add value to them? How can you inspire them? How can you entertain them, educate them, lift them up, help them see their greatness? How can you do that? You can do that in any niche no matter if it’s health and wellness, weight loss, travel, skincare, etc.

When you are brand new and you’re wanting to brand yourself, focus on value, solving problems, and creating content that helps the people that are your target market. You don’t have to mention your resume and you sure don’t have to mention your lack of a resume.

You definitely don’t want to start your blogs with, “Hey, this is me and I have no results yet. I’m in debt up to my ears with bill collectors calling me today I am going to talk about lead generation.” LOL…not many people would want to listen to that guy.

Was this helpful? I sure hope so! The number one thing you can do is learn to brand yourself and get more people reaching out to YOU!

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Marketing Tips: How To Brand Yourself When Brand New

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