Just announced today Google Photos…a new, standalone product that lets you store all your photos and videos, organize and share them…and that is ALL, as in unlimited. Yeah!

It has a pretty cool search feature that allows you to search for people, places and things that appear in your photos even when there is no description. That is pretty impressive.

I take a lot of photos…and when I say “a lot”, I mean A LOT, so the unlimited photo and video storage is a big deal to me. You can download the app and have it automatically upload your photos and I can also upload all the photos I take with my other cameras from my computer. I am constantly running out of room on my computer and being able to back up my photos is very important too. It can get pretty costly very fast. This will allow me to back all my photos and videos for free plus I can access them anytime from my phone or computer and share them or do whatever.

I was a huge fan of Picasa and I was not happy when they stopped supporting it and integrated their photos into Google+. I was hoping they would bring it back. but this is a start. I’m checking it out and so far pretty good. Picasa has many more features and is much more powerful, but hopefully they will keep adding to Google Photos.

Google Photos

Check out the Google Blog for more info about Google Photos.

Google Photos Announced Today – Get Unlimited Photo Storage

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