M&G Home Business Lead for you MLMI am testing a new Automated List Building System to generate passive leads for your MLM. Lead generation is something every marketer needs and something a lot of online business people struggle with. I have been looking for something to generate passive leads for my online business to go along with my other active lead generating techniques.

A business partner turned me on to a new system called M&G Home Business. They generate the leads for you and put them into a series of funnels with automated email campaigns. You can promote any URL you want and it has many features…you can customize the messages and campaigns. You are guaranteed 300 leads per day. Since they are starting up they are giving us 400 leads per day…WOW!

3200 Leads In 8 Days…

3200 leads in 8 days
After only 8 days I have received 3200 leads with one opt-out. This is absolutely amazing! As the system does it’s magic and works them through the funnels getting them familiar with you and seeing your offer. I can start working the list by calling them to see how they are doing and if I can help them.

I have just started calling, so I will write up another update in a week or so to let you know the progress. We have had many in our group recruit many people into their home business in just a few days. These are REAL leads looking for information on a home based business.

As if having a ton of new leads to prospect wasn’t enough, you can also make some serious cash as an affiliate of M&G. They ave a great compensation plan and a great product. Another income stream to get you closer to your dreams and the freedom lifestyle.

Take a look at this automated marketing and lead generation system and see for yourself.

Click HERE

The low price makes it a no brainer.

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I’m Testing A New Way To Get Passive Leads For Your MLM

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