FacebookIf you are like me, you have you tried to send someone a message on Facebook only to have it go into their “Other” folder and never be seen. At first, Facebook didn’t give you any warning, but now it will tell you before you send it that the message is going to go into the person’s “Other” folder but if you pay $1 we will put it in the inbox. Can you say frustrating! I refuse to pay and it is pretty much useless to send the message because most people don’t even know about the “Other” folder and/or rarely check it.

I recently discovered how to avoid Facebook’s “Other” folder and now I never send a message to someone’s “Other” folder.

First, what triggers your message going into the “Other” folder? Your message will go into their “Other” folder if you have nothing in common with the person on Facebook.

Here is the trick. You can avoid the “Other” folder if you either…

  1. You are in the same Facebook group with them.
  2. You have a friend in common with them.

So, while you are prospecting and meeting people on Facebook, you want to make sure you are sending messages to people that are in the same groups as you or you have a friend in common. It is easy to join groups and find people to talk to.

Another great way to find people to talk to is using Facebook’s Graph Search. You can search for “friends of my friends” and you can narrow it down by adding to it something like “who like network marketing” or “who live in Denver” or “who like Dani Johnson”. The possibilities are endless and you don’t have to worry about your message going to their “Other” folder ever again.

I hope this helped you.

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How To Avoid Facebook’s “Other” Folder When Prospecting on Facebook

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